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Retainers Finish Orthodontic Alignment Treatment

Orthodontic care from Dr. Cass D. Burwell and the rest of the First Impressions care team helps patients enjoy a lifetime of improved dental health. Post orthodontic care is an important part of the treatment process.

What Happens Once Your Braces Come Off?

Once braces are removed, retainers are often required to help teeth settle into their final position. The flexible ligaments that hold teeth in place allow braces to correct alignment concerns, but these same ligaments can pull teeth back into a misaligned position if a retainer is not used. Three types of retainers commonly used after alignment correction:

  • Clear Plastic: Similar to the Invisalign system of braces, these retainers are made from durable transparent plastic and are made to fit securely over the row of teeth being treated. They are easy to place and remove but are not ideal for every patient.
  • Hawley Retainer: This is the most common retainer option. A tongue-shaped piece of plastic supports wires that hold treated teeth in place.
  • Fixed Bonded Retainer: These are sometimes used to finish alignment correction treatment on the lower row of teeth. This retainer cannot be removed, but as it is fixed to the inside of the lower teeth, it is not visible.

Our doctors can tell you more about retainers and determine which variety is most suitable for you.

Schedule Post-Orthodontic Care

If you have any questions or concerns about the orthodontic treatment process, please contact our practice by calling (203) 292-9595.

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