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Results & Possible Outcomes Of Orthodontic Treatment

You may not be aware, but orthodontic treatment can significantly change peoples’ lives. Not only can getting a straight healthy smile improve the aesthetics of your face, but it can also dramatically increase your self confidence and self esteem. It can help with shyness and insecurity by providing relief of knowing future first impressions will be positive.

Orthodontic Problems We Can Treat

If you have any of the following orthodontic problems, we can work with you to help correct any malocclusions, crowding, or overlaps.

  • Crowding
    • The upper jaw typically has crowding and the “eye” teeth are shifted higher than usual
  • Overlapping
    • This occurs when the upper jaw causes the front teeth to severely overlap the lower teeth
  • Openbite
    • When a patient’s teeth do not touch normally, an openbite occurs
  • Spacing
    • Spacing is simply when there are gaps between teeth. This can be solved with traditional braces or clear removable aligners depending on the severity
  • Overbite
    • When the upper front teeth cover the lower front teeth
  • Underbite
    • The opposite of an overbite, when the lower teeth cover the upper teeth

Get Treatment Today!

If you like the results you see and you have any of the issues listed above, even minor, we can help you. Schedule a consultation today and get treatment as early as you can. We now have a new location in Norwalk, so be sure to schedule an appointment for the appropriate location. Call (203) 292-9595. We look forward to helping you!