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Thank you for choosing First Impressions for your family’s orthodontic services. Our staff looks forward to helping you achieve a beautiful, natural smile. Dr. Cass D. Burrell serves patients from many different communities, including:

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Orthodontic Services for the Whole Family

Children, teens, and adults can all benefit from expert orthodontic services. Tooth misalignments (malocclusions) can impede a child’s ability to speak clearly and may contribute to problems that would be more difficult to correct later in life. Some children do not require alignment correction in childhood though will benefit from it as teens. Adults may feel self-conscious about misalignments that were not corrected in earlier life. We offer solutions to address a wide range of problems and concerns

Different Braces Offer Increased Treatment Solutions

First Impressions offers several different types of braces, including Invisalign. Traditional metal braces are the most popular choice and are well suited for treating a wide range of misalignments. Children and teens are the most frequent recipients of metal braces, but adults can also benefit from this choice.

Lingual braces are similar to traditional wire and bracket braces except that the brackets are placed on the tongue side—or lingual side—of the teeth. This means that the braces are not visible from the outside. This is a discrete way to address some alignment concerns, though this is not a perfect treatment solution for every type of malocclusion.

Invisalign braces are clear acrylic aligners that gradually guide teeth into place. Treatment utilizes a graduated series of trays that fit closely over the teeth. They are worn approximately 20 hours per day (or as instructed by your orthodontist) and can be removed for eating, hygiene, and socializing.

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Explore our site to learn more about our practice and the orthodontic services we offer. You can also call (203) 292-9595 to speak with a staff member. We hope you and your family join ours!

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