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Band Color Chooser

The doctors and staff at First Impressions Orthodontics – your local Fairfield & Norwalk orthodontist office, want all our patients to have a positive experience while improving their smiles! One of the most fun aspects of wearing braces for tweens, teenagers and young adults is being able choose the colors of the bands they wear.

The bands on your braces are tiny elastic ligatures that wrap around each bracket and which are used to hold the wire in place. These bands are available in a variety of colors so you can add some fun to your orthodontic treatment by choosing new colors every time you have your braces adjusted. Our orthodontic team even makes choosing the band colors fun with the Color Band Chooser tool we offer below.

How to Use the Color Band Chooser

– To pick your colors, just click on the color you like and then select “Color All” on the left. You can also select an individual bracket for each color if you want to use several colors.

– If you want to change the bracket color from silver to gold, simply click on “Brackets” on the right side.

– To reset and choose different colors, click “Reset” on the upper left.

Have fun picking your band colors! If you're having a tough time deciding what colors to choose, we have a few suggestions. Many of our patients choose the colors of their favorite sports team, their school colors or alternating colors that match. Being able to choose the color of your bands is a great way to express your individual sense of style and a terrific way to make wearing braces much more fun!

The team at First Impressions Orthodontics enjoys making orthodontic treatment more fun! We work hard every day to create a relaxing, inviting atmosphere where all our patients can feel right at home. We also offer a wide range of treatment options from conventional metal braces to Norwalk clear braces because all our patients are unique with different needs and wants.

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